Wedding Photos

Our wedding photographer’s photos are now available for viewing and ordering prints! Snapfish provides a decent quality product at a fairly reasonable price that is probably comparable to most photomats after the cost of shipping. The convenience is you do it all while sitting on your keester!

Snapfish: Our Wedding (Main Photos) — by Randy Fujimori

Here is just a sampling of some of the great shots in the set:

Also available are lovely photos by family and friends:

Snapfish: Our Wedding (Shaughn’s Photos) — by Shaughn FitzGerald
Snapfish: Our Wedding (Chantelle Photos) — by Chantelle Patterson
Flickr: “jamie & lee-roy’s wedding” photoset — by I-Ching Lao

These were taken by me at the end of the evening:

img_0184 img_0187

img_0188 img_0189

Wedding Web Site


Welcome to the site and welcome to this, our first post. It was just under three months ago that we became married and we are still very much feeling the newlywed buzz. We are now officially our own little family, even if it’s just us two humans (and a few cats), and we are elated. At the same time, both of our families have grown. We’ve each of us gained more siblings and parents and more love and support from all sides and it is beautiful.

On to the topic of this post. Our wedding web site was created last year, prior to the event, to provide guests with information such as travel and sightseeing recommendations in Honolulu, links to our registries, and a very skimpy little section called Pictures, which had a few photos of us as kids and adults. The site will now serve as a sort of document or archive of the event. Very little on the site has changed, but we have removed most references to a future date now past, and added a couple things. Most notable is that there are now links to photos from the wedding in the Pictures section. We will also provide links to all of the same photos from this site in our next post, but remember that is our dedicated site just for the wedding itself and so it can be an easy place to go if you’d ever like to review our travel tips for maybe another visit to Honolulu, or to go straight to those photo links and order some more prints.